Diem Nguyen Family Acupuncture
  1. Bullet  I never thought I would see the day where I was looking forward to needles puncturing my skin but thanks to Yiem’s skills and attentiveness I do. 

In shear desperateness I have been researching alternative medicine due to medical problems that have been escalating with discussions of additional surgeries, the inability of further treatments,  and/or the inability to diagnose and treat.  I have been suffering for nearly 25 years from advanced abdominal scar tissue, gastrointestinal disorders, premature valve contraction and many other items.  These conditions often left me depressed, anxious, and extremely fatigued with an overall feeling of frustration.

A friend of mine suggested Alta View Wellness Center.  This is where I found Diem Nguyen of Diem Nguyen Family Acupuncture. Diem Nguyen is a licensed practitioner of oriental medicine. She has truly been a GODSEND to me.  Diem has helped me by seeking out the root of my symptoms and defining a course of treatment that includes instructions on proper food ingesting, acupuncture treatment, and heat therapy.  A course that treats my mind, body, and soul! Thanks to Diem I feel so much more relaxed, clear headed, and absent of the need for anxiety medications.  I am able to ingest many seasonings that I have not enjoyed for many years. My energy levels are increasing and over time I have no doubt I will be back to my old self. Many family members and friends have commented about the positive differences they are seeing in me.  For those of you who are fearful of the needles, don’t be! I have found that there is no real pain sensation with Yiem’s insertion of the acupuncture needles. There is only a profound impact of the body’s positive reaction to them.  There is a true sense of healing and restoration that you will notice in your body almost immediately.  It has proven to me to be an essential part of my healing process.   Thank you Diem for being there for me and giving me hope for what tomorrow may bring!        

Donna (Middletown PA)