Diem Nguyen Family Acupuncture
  1. Bullet  I never thought I would see the day where I was looking forward to needles puncturing my skin but thanks to Yiem’s skills and attentiveness I do. 

In shear desperateness I have been researching alternative medicine due to medical problems that have been escalating with discussions of additional surgeries, the inability of further treatments,  and/or the inability to diagnose and treat...  Click here to read Donna’s complete testimonial.

Donna (Middletown PA)

  1. Bullet. Before I start my testimonial I would like to fully disclose that the 10 free sessions and one year supply of probiotics and herbal medicine in no way influenced how I feel about acupuncture or Diem “Spike” Nguyen.

And for those Monte Python fans who are considering acupuncture by Diem. Please keep in mind that when Diem slips with a needle and punctures an artery or deflates a lung that “it’s just a flesh wound.”

Finally for those who are afraid of needles and pain, keep in mind that in a previous life Diem apprenticed with the best inquisitors and honed her skills during the Spanish Inquisition.

(I thought to post this part too because it’s so hilarious, and I know it will make some of you laugh :D)

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