Diem Nguyen Family Acupuncture

What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is energy. it is sometimes spelled “chi” or even “ki,” all of which mean the same thing. qi is the vital life force present in every living creature. in fact, qi is more than just the vital life force of the human body, it is present in every living and inanimate thing in the universe, including the food we eat, the environments in which we live and work, and the relationships in which we interact.

The theory on which acupuncture is based is called meridian (or channel) theory.  Meridian theory describes the flow of qi through the body.  Qi connects all the tissues and organs of the body, circulating from one area of the body to another along certain pathways (called meridians or channels) along which acupuncture points are located.

Qi is the vibration that carries the effects of acupuncture from the site of one acupuncture point to another part of the body.

For the body to function properly, qi must flow freely and in the correct strength and quality through each of the meridians.  When the flow of qi is interrupted or unbalanced, illness – of the body, mind and/or spirit will occur. symptoms such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, etc. are signals of an imbalance in the body’s qi.