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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine works with acupuncture and the other modalities of traditional chinese medicine to restore balance and health to the body. chinese herbal medicine makes use of many different herbal substances (more than 450 substances are commonly used today, most are of plant origin, although some mineral and animal substances are occasionally used). Chinese herbs are rarely used on their own, but are instead combined in formulas to address the unique health concerns of each individual person. This approach enables one formula to address multiple health concerns at the same time.

Chinese herbal formulas are developed to address not only the symptoms for which a person is seeking treatment, but to address the root, or cause of the symptoms as well. Therefore, two people presenting with similar signs and symptoms may receive very different herbal prescriptions. as treatment progresses and a person’s condition improves, the ingredients in their herbal formula are continuously modified to address their changing needs.

Chinese herbal formulas are typically made up of 8 to 15 individual herbs (although fewer or more herbs may sometimes be appropriate). Formulas can be prescribed in many forms, depending upon the needs, lifestyle, and preferences of the individual patient. Formulas may be prescribed in raw form which needed to be prepared at home by the patient. Formulas may also be prescribed in powder, capsule, pill, or tincture (alcohol based) form. Most often, herbal formulas are prescribed to be taken internally, however, external applications may also sometimes be prescribed (e.g. for skin conditions or musculoskeletal pain relief).

The goal of chinese herbal medicine is to treat as well as prevent disease. it strengthens the body, enhances immunity, and promotes a sense of general well-being.