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The theory on which acupuncture is based is called meridian (or channel) theory. Meridian theory describes the flow of qi through the body. Qi connects all the tissues and organs of the body, circulating from one area of the body to another along certain pathways (called meridians or channels).

There are 12 primary meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians in the body. While acupuncture needles can be inserted along any part of any meridian, there are certain points which have been identified over time (during acupuncture’s many thousand year history) to be particularly effective in restoring the body’s qi to a healthy balance. These points are what we call acupuncture points.

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When you have an acupuncture treatment, your acupuncturist will select certain points on your body in which to insert acupuncture needles. She will choose the points best suited to address the concerns and symptoms you are experiencing and your individual Qi imbalances.

The selection of acupuncture points is complicated and difficult to understand without undertaking a deep study of acupuncture and meridian theory (a major part of every acupuncturist’s education). Acupuncture points have many obvious functions – for example, if you are experiencing pain in a particular area (shoulder, ankle, head, etc.) acupuncture points located in the area of the pain will often help to resolve your pain. However, acupuncture points also have many less-obvious functions – for example, if you are experiencing nausea, a very effective point is located on the inside of your arm, about 2 inches above your wrist. any one acupuncture point will also have many different (often seemingly unrelated) functions – some related to the area in which it is located; Some related to the areas of the body through which the meridian on which it is located flows; Some related to the organs and tissues to which the meridian connects, etc.

In general, in any one acupuncture treatment, your acupuncturist will select 8-20 (although fewer or more points may be deemed appropriate) acupuncture points in which to insert needles. These points will usually be spread out - some located on your arms and legs (most often below the elbow and knee), some along your back or abdomen and a few on your face or head.